The Duel
The Duel
Genre Reality Competition




No. of Episodes 15
No. of Player 20
Previous Season The Amazing Race
Next Season The Mole 3: Vengeance is Sweet

The Duel is the seventeenth season of the RSF Franchise, and is based off of the Duel format of the reality television series The Challenge (formerly known as the Real World/Road Rules Challenge). The season followed The Amazing Race.

This season saw the players compete as individuals in challenges to earn safety. All players would then send lists ranking all other players from most to least want to save. The challenge winner would save the person they want to keep then that person would save someone and so on and so forth until one person remained. That player would face the Duel. They would then choose any other player besides the challenge winner to be their opponent in the Duel. From there it is simple, winner stays while loser goes home.

This season incorporated a new activity rule in the RSF Franchise that was only used in this season. When a player either did not participate in a challenge (without prior notification), send in a duel selection list, or compete in a Duel they were meant to be a prt of, they would receive one inactivity strike. When a player received 3 Inactivity Strikes, that player would be disqualified from the game and removed from the competition. This occurred 4 times during the season with 4 players being disqualified.

In addition, this season was the only one to incorporate a fallback rule in that if a player who was meant to participate in a Duel did not show up then another player could play in their place and compete for them. That player is determined based on the Duel Selection list with the person they most wanted to save able to take their place. If this occurred then the person who played in their place would receive an advantage in the next challenge regardless if they won or lost. This occurred twice in Round 10 and 12.

During the 9th round of competition a sudden death challenge occurred where all the eliminated players competed in a challenge to re-enter the game. cheese98 won that challenge and re-entered the game.

This season also marked the 1st instance where a player who made the finals was banned (from Tengaged temporarily) before the Final Challenge and thus was not able to participate in the Final Challenge and finished the season in 3rd place. This occurred to splozojames50

In the end, ofl1998 defeated Millzipede and splozojames50 (who was banned) in the Final Challenge in order to earn the title of RSF Champion.


Applications for The Duel opened on September 28, 2012 and were open for roughly a week. 31 people (14 Rookies, 17 Veterans) applied for the season and 19 were initially cast with 1 spot left open for the Last Chance Poll.

All players who applied and were not cast participated in the Last Chance Poll where the player who received the most votes in the poll would become the final player of the season. After 52 votes were cast, the winner of the Last Chance Polls with 11 votes was:

Player Original Season
cheese98 I Love Money

The season occurred from early October 2012 to early November 2012.

Notable Snubs

The following players applied for the season but were not cast and would either make a future appearance in the RSF Franchise or had previously been a competitor on a former RSF Season:

Player Original Season
5651Omar Survivor East vs West
bowling4fun The Amazing Race
Halloween The Amazing Race
IceIceBaby The Mole 3: Vengeance is Sweet
PeaceOut14 Big Brother: The Mystery Room 2
Sparticus142 Big Brother: The Mystery Room


Players Original Season Finish
ofl1998 Cutthroat Winner
Millzipede None Runner-Up
splozojames50 Fresh Meat 3rd Place
coltsfan876 The Ruins 4th Place
nbkiller I Love Money 5th Place
BBlover96 Survivor East vs West 6th Place
AlextheGod None 7th Place
Maicolx3 The Amazing Race 8th Place
cheese98 I Love Money 9th Place
themysterious2634 Big Brother: The Mystery Room 2 10th Place
finklestein123 None 11th Place
bubba3 None 12th Place
michael222 Cutthroat 13th Place
Missalice3 None 14th Place
jimboslice The Castle 15th Place
Mybash_ I Love Money 16th Place
RawrDino The Ruins 17th Place
BlakeIsBack None 18th Place
Florina None 19th Place
BassAbsol None 20th Place

Elimination chart

Episode Challenge winners Duel contestants Duel Type Duel outcome
# Safe from Duel Voted into Duel Picked for Duel Winner Loser
1 jimboslice BassAbsol PERM BANNED BassAbsol
2 michael222 ofl1998 Florina Knowledge ofl1998 Florina
Maicolx3 RawrDino AlextheGod Endurance AlextheGod RawrDino
4 splozojames50 Mybash_ cheese98 Speed cheese98 Mybash_
5 michael222 AlextheGod jimboslice Luck AlextheGod jimboslice
splozojames50 michael222 ofl1998 Spamming ofl1998 michael222
7 nbkiller AlextheGod bubba3 Endurance AlextheGod bubba3
8 ofl1998 coltsfan876 cheese98 Luck coltsfan876 cheese98
9 INACTIVITY STRIKES finklestein123
coltsfan876 themysterious2634 Millzipede Knowledge Millzipede themysterious2634
10 nbkiller splozojames50 cheese98 Spamming splozojames50 cheese98
11 ofl1998 Maicolx3 BBlover96 Speed BBlover96 Maicolx3
12 splozojames50 nbkiller AlextheGod Knowledge nbkiller AlextheGod
ofl1998 nbkiller Millzipede Luck Millzipede nbkiller
14 (none) coltsfan876 Millzipede Luck Millzipede coltsfan876
Final ofl1998 2nd place: Millzipede, 3rd place: splozojames50

Duel progress

Contestants Challenges
 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Finale

Selection Processes

1 23 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
jimboslice michael222 Maicolx3 splozojames50 michael222 splozojames50 nbkiller ofl1998 coltsfan876 nbkiller ofl1998 splozojames50 ofl1998
michael222splozojames50nbkillerMaicolx3nbkillercheese98ofl1998splozojames50ofl1998AlextheGodcoltsfan876coltsfan876 nbkiller
BlakeisBackBlakeisBackcheese98Missalice3Maicolx3AlextheGodMaicolx3BBlover96 Maicolx3splozojames50
RawrDino ofl1998

Subsequent Seasons

Cast Member RSF Seasons Seasons Won Total Money Earned
AlextheGod The Duel None $0
BassAbsol (Absol) The Duel, A Coach's Game, Cutthroat 2, Endurance Bora BoraFree Agents, Fresh Meat 3The Gauntlet 2, Redneck Island, The Castle 2, Battle of the Seasons 2, Are You The One?, Cutthroat 3, The Island, American Grit 2, Society Game, Free Agents 2, Clash of the Champions The Gauntlet 2 $93,333
BlakeIsBack The Duel, Cutthroat 2 None $0
bubba3 The Duel, The Mole 3: Vengeance is Sweet None $0
finklestein123 The Duel None $0
Florina The Duel None $0
Millzipede The Duel, The Inferno None $0
Missalice3 The Duel None $0
Bold indicates the contestant was a finalist on this RSF Season.
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