Survivor Worldwide
Survivor Worldwide
Genre Reality Competition




No. of Episodes 18
No. of Players 24
Previous Season The Gauntlet
Next Season Battle of the Seasons

Survivor Worldwide is the twelfth season of the RSF Franchise, and is based off of the American CBS competitive reality television series Survivor. The season followed The Gauntlet.

During this season of Survivor, the contestants were initially divided into four tribes via a draft. The tribes were then shuffled two different times throughout the season, dropping from 4 tribes to 2 tribes of 10 and then one more time shuffling the 2 tribes.

This season incorporated several elements from different version of Survivor from across the world.

In total 4 Hidden Immunity Idols were hidden during the game with a pool of numbers with a number holding an idol. Winning an immunity challenge earned players the right to guess a number to possibly claim the idol. 2 Idols were hidden pre-merge with 1 being found pre-merge by Sparticus142 who played it on sarge455 later in the game and the other being found post-merge by Spinner554 which he used on himself. Once the merge occurred, another idol was included which was found by BOBROCKS333 who used it on himself. There was a 4th idol hidden pre-merge on Exile Island with the Duel winner earning the guess. This idol was found by Sparticus142 who played it on himself later in the season.

The concept of Exile Island was utilized, but with an international twist. During each round, two players were sent to Exile Island where they would participate in a Duel. During the pre-merge, based on Israeli Survivor, the 2 would duel for the right to guess a number to find the idol hidden on Exile Island. During the post-merge, based on Bulgarian Survivor, the 2 would duel for the right to choose either their opponent or themselves to remain on Exile Island through the next Tribal Council thus giving them immunity but not allowing them to vote. They would remain on Exile Island until AFTER the next Immunity Challenge where 1 person would be chosen to meet them on Exile Island and participate in another Duel.

In addition, another twist was incorporated from Israeli Survivor, known as the Double Power Challenge. During the pre-merge from rounds 1 to 5, the tribe that lost immunity would participate with the winner earning the power of the Double Vote in which they cast 2 votes at the next Tribal Council but with both votes not allowed to be for the same person. During the pre-merge from rounds 6 to 9, the tribe that lost immunity would participate with the winner earning individual immunity from Tribal Council. During the post-merge, all players minus the one remaining on Exile Island would participate with the winner earning the Veto Armlet which they would give to another player at Tribal Council. The person who receives the Veto Armlet would be unable to cast a vote at Tribal but still be eligible to receive votes.

At the 1st vote after the Merge, the competitors did not participate for Individual Immunity but for the Tribal Necklace of Predominance (via Bulgarian Survivor). The winner chose 4 players who would be the only ones vulnerable at the next Tribal Council, effectively giving the other 7 players along with themselves immunity.

There was a Final Three facing a jury of nine. The final jury setup meant that a two or three-way tie to decide the winner of the game was possible which would be broken by a poll that was put up during the duration of Final Tribal Council.

In the end, sarge455 defeated BOBROCKS333 and turney1805 by a vote of 6-2-0 to become the Sole Survivor.


Applications for Survivor Worldwide opened on January 30, 2012 and were open for roughly a week. 35 people (15 Rookies, 20 Veterans) applied for the season and 17 were initially cast with 1 spot left open for the Last Chance Poll. In addition, 6 players who won the previous season earned a guaranteed spot on the season.

All players who applied and were not cast participated in the Last Chance Poll where the player who received the most votes in each group would become the final players of the season. After 183 votes were cast, the winner of the Last Chance Poll with 29 votes was:

Player Original Season
michael222 Cutthroat

The season occurred from early February 2012 to mid-March 2012.

Notable Snubs

The following players applied for the season but were not cast and would either make a future appearance in the RSF Franchise or had previously been a competitor on a former RSF Season:

Player Original Season
aiwfwyattroh Cutthroat
Caliboy Fresh Meat
Danielvk The Castle
dragotistic Cutthroat 3
etaco75 The Gauntlet
hinata0014 Survivor East vs West
joshg222 The Castle
rapboy The Gauntlet
rt72 Survivor Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Timster Fresh Meat


Players Original Season Finish
sarge455 Big Brother: The Mystery Room Winner
BOBROCKS333 Moolah Beach Runner-Up
turney1805 Moolah Beach Second Runner-Up
Spritester I Love Money 4th Place
Spinner554 Fresh Meat 5th Place
Sparticus142 Big Brother: The Mystery Room 6th Place
Dito I Love Money 7th Place
Gaiaphage The Castle 8th Place
BBlover96 Survivor East vs West 9th Place
Joeker None 10th Place
nikki101 None 11th Place
splozojames50 Fresh Meat 12th Place
MaxHZ39 None 13th/14th Place
Mybash_ I Love Money 13th/14th Place
jimboslice The Castle 15th Place
PizPaz None 16th Place
nbkiller I Love Money 17th Place
aerothunder Survivor Atlantis: The Lost Empire 18th Place
Kaiserin None 19th Place
jharrin7887 Fresh Meat 20th Place
smiley20 None 21st Place
ofl1998 Cutthroat 22nd Place
Dove98 None 23rd Place
michael222 Cutthroat 24th Place


Contestant Original Tribe Swapped Tribe Second Swapped Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total votes
michael222 Jarakay 1st Voted Out


Sabana 2nd Voted Out 5
ofl1998 Sabana 3rd Voted Out 4
smiley20 Caniba 4th Voted Out 5
Mindanao Jarakay 5th Voted Out 7
Jarakay Mindanao 6th Voted Out 10
aerothunder Jarakay Jarakay 7th Voted Out 5
nbkiller Mindanao Jarakay 8th Voted Out 6
Jarakay Mindanao 9th Voted Out 8
Jarakay Jarakay Mindanao 10th Voted Out 4
Sabana Mindanao Mindanao 11th/12th Voted Out 4
MaxHZ39 Mindanao Mindanao Mindanao 11th/12th Voted Out 6
Jarakay Mindanao Mindanao Kubrat 13th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Caniba Jarakay Jarakay 14th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Joeker Mindanao Mindanao Jarakay Eliminated**
3rd Jury Member
BBlover96 Caniba Jarakay Jarakay 15th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Gaiaphage Caniba Mindanao Jarakay 16th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Dito Caniba Jarakay Jarakay 17th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Sparticus142 Sabana Mindanao Mindanao 18th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Spinner554 Caniba Mindanao Jarakay 19th Voted Out
8th Jury Member
Spritester Mindanao Jarakay Jarakay 20th Voted Out
9th Jury Member
turney1805 Sabana Jarakay Mindanao 2nd Runner Up 7
BOBROCKS333 Sabana Jarakay Mindanao Runner Up 6*
sarge455 Mindanao Mindanao Mindanao Sole Survivor 6
The Total Votes is the number of votes a castaway has received during Tribal Councils where the castaway is eligible to be voted out of the game. It does not include the votes received during the final Tribal Council.
An asterisk next to a number denotes that an Idol was played on that Castaway during at least 1 Tribal Council and any votes cast against them were nullified.

**Due to a deadlocked tie after two rounds of voting and the non-tied contestants being unable to come up with a unanimous decision to vote out either Dito, sarge455 or Spinner554, the non-tied and non-immune contestants—BBlover96, BOBROCKS333, Gaiaphage, Joeker and Spritester—drew rocks to resolve the vote; Joeker picked the purple rock and was therefore eliminated.

Episode Summaries

Episode Title Immunity Exile Island
Double Power Eliminated Vote Finish
Episode 1 Sabana ofl1998 (>>) splozojames50 michael222 6-2 1st Voted Out
Caniba aerothunder
Episode 2 Mindanao MaxHZ39 ofl1998 Dove98 5-1-1 2nd Voted Out
Caniba ofl1998 (>>)
Episode 3 Mindanao Dito (>>) (none) ofl1998 3-2 3rd Voted Out
Jarakay BOBROCKS333 smiley20 5-1 4th Voted Out
Episode 4 Mindanao Mybash_ BBlover96 jharrin7887 7-3-1 5th Voted Out
nbkiller (>>)
Episode 5 Jarakay Spritester(>>) Joeker Kaiserin 8-2-1 6th Voted Out
Episode 6 Mindanao Sparticus142 Dito aerothunder 5-2-1-1 7th Voted Out
BOBROCKS333 (>>)
Episode 7 jimboslice Mybash_ (none) nbkiller 4-2-1-1 8th Voted Out
splozojames50 PizPaz 7-1-1 9th Voted Out
Episode 8 Jarakay Sparticus142 MaxHZ39 jimboslice 4-2-1 10th Voted Out
Episode 9 Jarakay Joeker (>>) splozojames50 Mybash_ 3-3-1 11th/12th Voted Out
Episode 10 Spritester***
sarge455 Joeker
splozojames50 6-3-1 13th Voted Out
1st Member of Jury
Episode 11 Dito sarge455 BOBROCKS333
nikki101 3-2-1-1-0* 14th Voted Out
2nd Member of Jury
BBlover96 (>>)
Episode 12 Sparticus142 BBlover96 Joeker
Joeker 3-3-3;
3rd Member of Jury
turney1805 (>>)
Episode 13 BOBROCKS333 turney1805 (>>)
BBlover96 5-2 15th Voted Out
4th Member of Jury
Episode 14 sarge455 turney1805 Sparticus142
Gaiaphage 3-3-1;
16th Voted Out
5th Member of Jury
Spinner554 (>>)
Episode 15 BOBROCKS333 Spinner554 BOBROCKS333
Dito 2-2-0*;
17th Voted Out
6th Member of Jury
sarge455 (>>)
Episode 16 Spinner554 sarge455 (>>)
Sparticus142 2-0* 18th Voted Out
7th Member of Jury
Episode 17 Spritester (none) Spinner554 4-1 19th Voted Out
8th Member of Jury
Episode 18 sarge455 Spritester 2-2;
20th Voted Out
9th Member of Jury
Reunion  Jury vote
turney1805 6-2-0 2nd Runner-Up
BOBROCKS333 Runner-Up
sarge455 Sole Survivor

(>>) The winner of Exile Island battle.

An asterisk next to a number denotes that an Idol was played on a Castaway during that Tribal Council and any votes cast against them were nullified.
For the Double Power challenge in the post-merge when the Veto Armlet was up for grabs, the top name is the winner of the Veto Challenge. The bottom name in italics with a diamond (♦) is the contestant whose vote was canceled by the "Veto Challenge" winner.

**At the 1st vote after the Merge, the competitors did not participate for Individual Immunity but for the Tribal Necklace of Predominance (via Bulgarian Survivor). The winner chose 1 player to send to Exile Island and remain there through the next Immunity Challenge and 4 players who would be the only ones vulnerable at the next Tribal Council, effectively giving the other 6 players, Individual Immunity.

Voting History

Second Swapped
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Reunion
Eliminated: michael222 Dove98 ofl1998 smiley20 jharrin7887 Kaiserin aerothunder nbkiller PizPaz jimboslice Mybash_ & MaxHZ39 splozojames50 nikki101 Tie Tie Joeker BBlover96 Tie Gaiaphage Tie Dito Sparticus142 Spinner554 Spritester turney1805 BOBROCKS333 sarge455
Vote: 6-2 5-1-1 3-2 5-1 7-3-1 8-2-1 5-2-1-1 4-2-1-1 7-1-1 4-2-1 3-3-1 6-3-1 3-2-1-1-0* 3-3-3 2-2-2 Lottery 5-2 3-3-1 3-2 2-2-0* 4-0 2-0* 4-1 2-2 6-2-0
Voters Vote
sarge455 - - - - - Kaiserin - - PizPaz jimboslice Sparticus142 EXILED nikki101 Dito Ineligble - BBlover96 Dito Dito EXILED EXILED turney1805 BOBROCKS333 Jury Vote
BOBROCKS333 - Dove98 ofl1998 - jharrin7887 - aerothunder SELF VOTE - jimboslice MaxHZ39 splozojames50 Spritester Dito Dito - BBlover96 Dito Dito Sparticus142 Dito Sparticus142 Spinner554 Spritester
turney1805 - Dove98 ofl1998 - jharrin7887 - aerothunder nbkiller - jimboslice Mybash_ splozojames50 SELF VOTE EXILED EXILED Gaiaphage Gaiaphage SELF VOTE (x2) Ineligble Sparticus142 Spinner554 Spritester
Spritester - - - - jharrin7887 - nikki101 nikki101 - - - BOBROCKS333 Spinner554 Spinner554 Dito - BBlover96 Gaiaphage Gaiaphage Dito Dito BOBROCKS333 Spinner554 BOBROCKS333 - - sarge455
Spinner554 - - - smiley20 - Kaiserin - - PizPaz - - turney1805 Spritester sarge455 Ineligble - VETOED EXILED Sparticus142 Dito BOBROCKS333 SELF VOTE - - -
Sparticus142 - Dove98 ofl1998 - - Kaiserin - - Sparticus142 - Mybash_ BOBROCKS333 nikki101 Spinner554 Spinner554 - BBlover96 Gaiaphage Gaiaphage Dito Dito VETOED - - sarge455
Dito - - - smiley20 jharrin7887 - aerothunder SELF VOTE - - - splozojames50 VETOED VETOED Ineligble - Sparticus142 VETOED Ineligble VETOED Ineligble - - sarge455
Gaiaphage - - - smiley20 - Kaiserin - - PizPaz - - splozojames50 Spinner554 sarge455 sarge455 - BBlover96 Dito Ineligble - - sarge455
BBlover96 - - - smiley20 jharrin7887
- aerothunder nbkiller - - - splozojames50 EXILED sarge455 sarge455 - Sparticus142 - - sarge455
Joeker - - - - - Kaiserin
- - PizPaz - - BOBROCKS333 nikki101 Dito Spinner554 Eliminated - - sarge455
nikki101 - - - smiley20 jharrin7887 - aerothunder SELF VOTE - - - splozojames50 sarge455 - BOBROCKS333 -
splozojames50 michael222
- - - - Kaiserin - - PizPaz turney1805 MaxHZ39 VETOED - BOBROCKS333 -
MaxHZ39 - - - - - Kaiserin - - PizPaz jimboslice Mybash_
Mybash_ - Dove98 Sparticus142 - - Kaiserin - - PizPaz turney1805 MaxHZ39
jimboslice michael222 - - - jharrin7887 - nbkiller nbkiller - Mybash_
PizPaz michael222 - - - - MaxHZ39 - - MaxHZ39
nbkiller - - - - nikki101 - BBlover96 SELF VOTE
aerothunder michael222 - - - nikki101 - nikki101
Kaiserin michael222 - - - - MaxHZ39
jharrin7887 - - - - nikki101
smiley20 - - - nikki101
ofl1998 - Dove98
Dove98 - ofl1998
michael222 SELF VOTE
PENALTY Kaiserin Spinner554 Spinner554 Sparticus142

Subsequent Seasons

Cast Member RSF Seasons Seasons Won Total Money Earned
Dove98 Survivor Worldwide None $0
Joeker Survivor Worldwide, The Mole 3: Vengeance is Sweet None $0
Kaiserin Survivor Worldwide None $0
MaxHZ39 Survivor Worldwide None $0
nikki101 Survivor Worldwide None $0
PizPaz Survivor Worldwide None $0
smiley20 Survivor Worldwide None $0
Bold indicates the contestant was a finalist on this RSF Season.
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