Survivor East vs West
Genre Reality Competition
Winner LilAngelBaby
Runner-Up BBlover96
No. of Players 20
Previous Season The Mole
Next Season Big Brother: The Mystery Room

Survivor: East vs West is the third season of the RSF Franchise, and is based off of the American CBS competitive reality television series  Survivor. The season followed The Mole.

During this season of Survivor, the contestants were divided into two tribes by geographical location; East and West. The respective tribes' names were Sori and Lanai.  In the fourth episode, the remaining sixteen castaways underwent a tribe swap.

A mutiny offer was made to all remaining players during this season. In this season, one player accepted the mutiny offer.

The concept of Exile Island was utilized, with 2 hidden immunity idols located somewhere on the island. Both idols were found but neither were played correctly.

There was a Final Three facing a jury of nine, which included players that were voted out before the merge. The final jury setup meant that a two or three-way tie to decide the winner of the game was possible, though the method to resolve this tie was unknown at the time.

In the end, LilAngelBaby defeated BBlover96 and hinata0014 by a vote of 5-2-0  to become the Sole Survivor.


Applications for Survivor East vs West opened on December 3, 2010 and were open for roughly 5 days. Roughly 28 people applied for the season and 18 were initially cast with 2 spots left open for the Last Chance Poll

All players who applied and were not cast participated in the Last Chance Poll and were divided into 1 of 2 polls where the player who received the most votes in each poll would become the final 2 players of the season. After 37 votes were cast in Poll 1 and 20 votes were cast in Poll 2, the winners of the Last Chance Poll with 11 and 5 votes respectively were:

Player Original Season
vockle9 None
hinata0014 None

The season occurred from early December 2010 to early January 2011.

Notable Snubs

The following players applied for the season but were not cast and would either make a future appearance in the RSF Franchise or had previously been a competitor on a former RSF Season:

Player Original Season
adam12 Survivor Atlantis: The Lost Empire
bobcatmascot16 Moolah Beach
brittanyfierce Moolah Beach
Mybash I Love Money
soiyer Cutthroat


Players Original Season Finish
LilAngelBaby Moolah Beach Winner
BBlover96 None Runner-Up
hinata0014 None Second Runner-Up
BOBROCKS333 Moolah Beach 4th Place
Survivor8 Moolah Beach 5th Place
QueenDoe Moolah Beach 6th Place
survivorpika99 None 7th Place
gxvgxv94 Moolah Beach 8th Place
dwick None 9th Place
Dash The Mole 10th Place
Yingyang Moolah Beach 11th Place
GabCo None 12th Place
brittanyfierce Moolah Beach 13th Place
iangavin None 14th Place
Cmack311 None 15th Place
austino15fffan Moolah Beach 16th Place
legobatman3609 None 17th Place
vockle9 None 18th Place
5651Omar None 19th Place
sakwilla The Mole 20th Place


Contestant Original Tribe Switched Tribe Mutinied Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total votes
sakwilla Sori 1st Voted Out 5
5651Omar Lanai Ejected 0
vockle9 Sori 2nd Voted Out 3
legobatman3609 Lanai 3rd Voted Out 4
austino15fffan Lanai Lanai 4th Voted Out 4
Cmack311 Sori Lanai 5th Voted Out 9
iangavin Lanai Lanai 6th Voted Out 9
brittanyfierce Lanai Sori 7th Voted Out 10
Lanai Lanai Lanai 8th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Yingyang Sori Sori Sori 9th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Dash Sori Sori Sori 10th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
dwick Sori Lanai Lanai


11th Voted Out
4th Jury Member

gxvgxv94 Sori Lanai Lanai

12th Voted Out
5th Jury Member

survivorpika99 Sori Sori Sori

13th Voted Out
6th Jury Member

QueenDoe Lanai Sori Sori

14th Voted Out
7th Jury Member

Survivor8 Sori Lanai Sori

15th Voted Out
8th Jury Member

BOBROCKS333 Lanai Sori Sori

16th Voted Out
9th Jury Member

hinata0014 Lanai Sori Sori Second Runner-Up 3
BBlover96 Sori Sori Sori Runner-Up 2
LilAngelBaby Lanai Lanai Lanai Sole Survivor 4
The Total Votes is the number of votes a castaway has received during Tribal Councils where the castaway is eligible to be voted out of the game. It does not include the votes received during the final Tribal Council.
An asterisk next to a number denotes that an Idol was played on that Castaway during at least 1 Tribal Council and any votes cast against them were nullified.

Episode Summaries

Episode  Immunity Exiled Eliminated Vote Finish
Episode 1 Lanai hinata0014 sawkilla 5-3-1-1 1st Voted Out
Episode 2 Sori Dash 5651Omar N/A Ejected
Episode 3 Lanai hinata0014 vockle9 3-2-2-1-1 2nd Voted Out
Episode 4 Sori BBlover96 legobatman3609 4-3-1-1 3rd Voted Out
Episode 5 Sori BBlover96 austino15fffan 2-2-2-2;
4th Voted Out
Episode 6 Sori brittanyfierce Cmack311 3-2-1-1 5th Voted Out
Episode 7 BOBROCKS333 None iangavin 5-1 6th Voted Out
gxvgxv94 brittanyfierce1 6-1 7th Voted Out
Episode 8 dwick* dwick GabCo 2-1-1

8th Voted Out 
1st Jury Member

NONE* Player Yingyang 5-2-1

9th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member

Episode 9


Dash Dash 4-2-2-1

10th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member

Episode 10 QueenDoe BBlover96 dwick 2-2-2-1-1-1;

11th Voted Out
4th Jury Member

Episode 11 survivorpika99 LilAngelBaby gxvgxv94 5-3

12th Voted Out
5th Jury Member

Episode 12 BOBROCKS333 None survivorpika99 5-2

13th Voted Out
6th Jury Member

Episode 13 BOBROCKS333 None QueenDoe 4-2

14th Voted Out
7th Jury Member

Episode 14 LilAngelBaby None Survivor8 2-2-1;

15th Voted Out
8th Jury Member

Episode 15 LilAngelBaby None BOBROCKS333 3-1

16th Voted Out
9th Jury Member

Reunion Jury Votes hinata0014 5-2-0 2nd Runner-Up
BBlover96 Runner-Up
LilAngelBaby Sole Survivor

*Each tribe voted for one member of the opposing tribe to earn immunity, go to Exile Island but still attend Tribal Council.  The vote for immunity for a member of Sori resulted in a deadlock tie, which resulted in no one from Sori earning immunity and going to Exile Island.

**While both tribes did not officially merge, they participated as individuals with 6 of the 10 players earning immunity and everyone going to Tribal Council together and voting 1 person out.

Voting History

Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Eliminated: sawkilla 5651Omar vockle9 legobatman3609 Tie austino15fffan Cmack311 iangavin brittanyfierce1 GabCo Yingyang Dash Tie dwick gxvgxv94 survivorpika99 QueenDoe Tie Survivor8 BOBROCKS333 hinata0014 BBlover96 LilAngelBaby
Vote: 5-3-1-1 N/A 3-2-2-1-1 4-3-1-1 2-2-2-2 2-1-1-0 3-2-1-1 5-1 7-1 2-1-1 5-2-1 4-2-2-1 2-2-2-1-1-1 3-2-1 5-3 5-2 4-2 2-2-1 2-1 3-1 5-2-0
Voters Vote
LilAngelBaby brittanyfierce austino15fffan austino15fffan Survivor8 SELF VOTE dwick dwick Survivor8 Ineligble Survivor8 Survivor8 Survivor8 Survivor8 Survivor8 BOBROCKS333 Jury Vote
BBlover96 Yingyang vockle9 brittanyfierce Yingyang survivorpika99 LilAngelBaby LilAngelBaby gxvgxv94 survivorpika99 QueenDoe Survivor8 Survivor8 BOBROCKS333
hinata0014 legobatman3609 brittanyfierce Yingyang gxvgxv93 BBlover96 dwick gxvgxv94 survivorpika99 QueenDoe BOBROCKS333 Ineligble BOBROCKS333
BOBROCKS333 legobatman3609 brittanyfierce Yingyang DID NOT VOTE survivorpika99 dwick gxvgxv94 survivorpika99 QueenDoe hinata0014 hinata0014 BBlover96 LilAngelBaby
Survivor8 Cmack311 Cmack311 iangavin Cmack311 SELF VOTE iangavin QueenDoe Dash LilAngelBaby Ineligble gxvgxv94 survivorpika99 QueenDoe hinata0014 Ineligble LilAngelBaby
QueenDoe SELF VOTE brittanyfierce Dash dwick dwick dwick gxvgxv94 survivorpika99 Survivor8 LilAngelBaby
survivorpika99 sakwilla dwick Dash Yingyang Dash Survivor8 Survivor8 Survivor8 Survivor8 BBlover96
gxvgxv94 Yingyang Cmack311 Cmack311 austino15fffan Cmack311 iangavin GabCo Dash BOBROCKS333 Survivor8 Survivor8 LilAngelBaby
dwick sakwilla vockle9 austino15fffan Ineligble Cmack311 iangavin GabCo survivorpika99 SELF VOTE Ineligble BBlover96
Dash sakwilla vockle9 brittanyfierce Yingyang SELF VOTE LilAngelBaby
Yingyang SELF VOTE SELF VOTE brittanyfierce Dash
GabCo brittanyfierce dwick dwick iangavin iangavin gxvgxv94
brittanyfierce SELF VOTE SELF VOTE
iangavin SELF VOTE SELF VOTE Ineligble dwick SELF VOTE
Cmack311 Survivor8 Survivor8 SELF VOTE Ineligble SELF VOTE
austino15fffan legobatman3609 dwick Ineligble
legobatman3609 SELF VOTE
vockle9 sakwilla Yingyang
5651Omar Ejected
sakwilla SELF VOTE

Subsequent Seasons

Cast Member RSF Seasons Seasons Won Total Money Earned
BBlover96 Survivor East vs West, Big Brother Mystery Room

I Love Money', Survivor Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Fresh Meat, The Mole: Return of the Traitor, Cutthroat, The Gauntlet, Survivor Worldwide, Battle of the Seasons, Big Brother: The Mystery Room 2, The Ruins, The Amazing Race, The Duel, The Mole 3: Vengeance is Sweet, Fresh Meat 2,A Coach's Game, Pirate Master, Big Brother: The Mystery Room 3, The Quest: All Stars, The Gauntlet 2, Cutthroat 3, Free Agents 2, Clash of the Champions

Big Brother: The Mystery Room, The Gauntlet, A Coach's Game $925,982
Cmack311 Survivor East vs West None $0
dwick Survivor East vs West, Battle of the Seasons None $0
GabCo Survivor East vs West None $0
hinata0014 Survivor East vs West, Big Brother Mystery Room, The Castle, Battle of the Seasons, Rise of the Underdogs None $85,000
iangavin Survivor East vs West None $0
legobatman3609 Survivor East vs West None $0
survivorpika99 Survivor East vs West, I Love Money, The Castle None $0

vockle9 (Lemjam6)

Survivor East vs West, Big Brother Mystery Room, I Love Money, Battle of the Seasons, The Amazing Race, A Coach's Game, Redneck Island 2, Free Agents 2, Moolah Beach 2: Back to the Beach None $70,000
5651Omar Survivor East vs West None $0
Bold indicates the contestant was a finalist on this RSF Season.

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