Fresh Meat 3
Fresh Meat
Genre Reality Competition
Winners LaFierceBrittany2
Runners-Up blueu22
No. of Episodes 8
No. of Players 26
Previous Season The Inferno
Next Season Opposite Worlds

Fresh Meat 3 is the twenty-eighth season of the RSF Franchise, and is based off of the Fresh Meat format of the reality television series The Challenge (formerly known as the Real World/Road Rules Challenge. It is also the 8th season of Generation 2. The season followed The Inferno.

This season saw the players divided into 13 teams of 2 via a draft with each team being made up of an RSF Veteran and an RSF Fresh Meat with Veterans being players who have played in a previous RSF Season while Fresh Meat played in either none of the previous RSF Seasons or in only 1 previous season with an early exit.

This season also incorporated Fresh Meat trials in which more Fresh Meat than Veterans were cast and based on how they performed in Trials testing different attributes (Puzzle, Posting Speed, Spam, Endurance, Luck, Communication to the Veterans) with several being eliminated in the Trials. In addition, their performance in the Trials would be revealed to the Veterans who could use that information to help select partners.

This season became notorious for the amount of inactive eliminations which at 2 different points had neither team finish the Exile in the time given and thus both teams be eliminated.

In the end, LaFierceBrittany2 and thatonepeople defeated blueu22 and Younglinkmaster in the Final Challenge in order to earn the title of RSF Champion.


Applications for Fresh Meat 3 opened on August 14, 2014 and were open for roughly a week. 26 people applied for the season and all 26 were initially cast for the season.

The season occurred from late August 2014 to mid-September 2014.

Notable SnubsEdit

Due to all players who applied being cast, no applicant was turned down to compete for the season.


Players Original Season Finish
LaFierceBrittany2 Moolah Beach Winner
blueu22 The Castle Runner-Up
Nightcore The Inferno 3rd Place
Warthhogs Pirate Master 4th Place
Leonine_Divine The Castle 5th Place
rawr121 Endurance Bora Bora 5th Place
michael222 Cutthroat 7th Place
Absol The Duel 8th Place
IceIceBaby The Mole 3: Vengeance is Sweet 8th Place
Ahmir99 The Inferno 8th Place
Jkjkjk15 Free Agents 11th Place
ivan1234 The Inferno 11th Place
Dreamer432 Pirate Master Disqualified
Players Original Season Finish
thatonepeople None Winner
Younglinkmaster None Runner-Up
MrOrange890 None 3rd Place
immaxyman None 4th Place
Jared242 None 5th Place 
_JB_ None 5th Place
jc1993 None 7th Place
Survivorgame1 None 8th Place
InfinityRing None Quit
violet7676 None 10th Place
jbreezy The Inferno Disqualified 
Drooseph None Quit in Trials
mastropola None Quit in Trials
Partner 1Partner 2Finish
LaFierceBrittany2 thatonepeople Winners
blueu22 Younglinkmaster Runner-Ups
Nightcore MrOrange890 3rd Place
Warthhogs immaxyman 4th Place
Leonine_Divine Jared242 5th Place
rawr121 _JB_ 5th Place
michael222 jc1993 7th Place
Absol Survivorgame1 8th Place
IceIceBaby InfinityRing* Ahmir99 8th Place
Ahmir99* violet7676 10th Place
Jkjkjk15 ivan1234 11th Place

Elimination chartEdit

Episode Challenge winners Exile teams Exile Exile outcome
# Challenge Winner's selection Voted Into Exile Winning team Losing team
1 Trials mastropola, Drooseph,
jbreezy, Dreamer342
2 There's Balance in Numbers NONE^^ Jkjkjk15 & ivan1234 Leonine_Divine & Jared242 Lost and Found Leonine_Divine & Jared242 Jkjkjk15 & ivan1234
3 Lost in Translation micahel222 & jc1993 Ahmir99 & violet7676 Nightcore & MrOrange890 Weight For Me Nightcore & MrOrange890 Ahmir99 & violet7676
4 Light That Candle Nightcore & MrOrange890 InfinityRing
Absol & Survivorgame1 IceIceBaby & Ahmir99 Run the Gambit NONE* Absol & Survivorgame1
IceIceBaby & Ahmir99
5 Face Off Leonine_Divine & Jared242 micahel222 & jc1993 rawr121 & _JB_ Lost and Found rawr121 & _JB_ micahel222 & jc1993
6 Battle Royale Nightcore & MrOrange890 Leonine_Divine & Jared242 rawr121 & _JB_ Weight For Me NONE* rawr121 & _JB_
Leonine_Divine & Jared242
7 Night Shift blueu22 & Younglinkmaster LaFierceBrittany1 & thatonepeople Run the Gambit LaFierceBrittany1 & thatonepeople
Warthhogs & immaxyman Warthhogs & immaxyman
Nightcore & MrOrange890 Nightcore & MrOrange890
8 Road to Victory LaFierceBrittany2 & thatonepeople 2nd place: blueu22 & Younglinkmaster
  • Exiles where the winning team is denoted as NONE and marked with an asterisk denotes where BOTH teams were disqualified for not doing the exile, and as a result were BOTH eliminated from the competition. 

^Jkjkjk15 and ivan1234 were the last team to be formed via the Draft (2 Veterans left standing) and earned an automatic spot in Exile. For the 1st Round, the challenge winners only earned safety and did not select a pair to send into Exile.

^^No team successfully finished the challenge based on the requirements and thus no team was safe from Exile.

 Exile ProgressEdit

Teams Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
LaFierceBrittany2 & thatonepeople SAFE SAFE SAFE SAFE SAFE SAFE EXILE WINNER
Leonine_Divine & Jared242 SAFE EXILE SAFE SAFE WIN OUT
michael222 & jc1993 SAFE SAFE WIN SAFE OUT
Absol & Survivorgame1 SAFE SAFE SAFE OUT
IceIceBaby & Ahmir99 N/A OUT
IceIceBaby & InfinityRing SAFE SAFE QUIT
Ahmir99 & violet7676 SAFE SAFE OUT
Jkjkjk15 & ivan1234 SAFE OUT
jbreezy DQ
Dreamer342 DQ
Drooseph QUIT
mastropola QUIT

Voting HistoryEdit

Teams Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
LaFierceBrittany2 & thatonepeople N/A Leonine_Divine & Jared242 rawr121 & _JB_ IceIceBaby & Ahmir99 rawr121 & _JB_ rawr121 & _JB_ N/A
SELF VOTE SELF VOTE rawr121 & _JB_ rawr121 & _JB_ rawr121 & _JB_
blueu22 & Younglinkmaster N/A Leonine_Divine & Jared242 Nightcore & MrOrange890 Warthhogs & immaxyman rawr121 & _JB_ rawr121 & _JB_ N/A
Leonine_Divine & Jared242 Nightcore & MrOrange890 IceIceBaby & Ahmir99 SELF VOTE rawr121 & _JB_
Nightcore & MisterOrange890 N/A Leonine_Divine & Jared242 rawr121 & _JB_ N/A SELF VOTE N/A N/A
Leonine_Divine & Jared242 rawr121 & _JB_ rawr121 & _JB_
Warthhogs & immaxyman N/A Leonine_Divine & Jared242 SELF VOTE IceIceBaby & Ahmir99 rawr121 & _JB_ rawr121 & _JB_ N/A
Leonine_Divine & Jared242 rawr121 & _JB_ IceIceBaby & Ahmir99 rawr121 & _JB_ rawr121 & _JB_
Leonine_Divine & Jared242 N/A Nightcore & MisterOrange890 Nightcore & MisterOrange890 rawr121 & _JB_ N/A N/A
Nightcore & MisterOrange890 Nightcore & MisterOrange890 Warthhogs & immaxyman
rawr121 & _JB_ N/A LaFierceBrittany2 & thatonepeople Nightcore & MisterOrange890 Warthhogs & immaxyman LaFierceBrittany2 & thatonepeople LaFierceBrittany2 & thatonepeople
Nightcore & MisterOrange890 LaFierceBrittany2 & thatonepeople SELF VOTE Warthhogs & immaxyman LaFierceBrittany2 & thatonepeople
michael222 & jc1993 N/A Ahmir99 & violet7676 N/A IceIceBaby & Ahmir99 N/A
blueu22 & Younglinkmaster IceIceBaby & Ahmir99
Absol & Survivorgame1 N/A Nightcore & MisterOrange890 Nightcore & MisterOrange890 N/A
Nightcore & MisterOrange890 Nightcore & MisterOrange890
IceIceBaby & Ahmir99 N/A Warthhogs & immaxyman
Warthhogs & immaxyman
IceIceBaby & InfinityRing N/A Nightcore & MisterOrange890 Nightcore & MisterOrange890
Ahmir99 & violet7676 N/A Leonine_Divine & Jared242 N/A
Leonine_Divine & Jared242
Jkjkjk15 & ivan1234 N/A N/A
jbreezy N/A
Dreamer342 N/A
Drooseph N/A
mastropola N/A

Subsequent SeasonsEdit

Cast Member RSF Seasons Seasons Won Total Money Earned
Drooseph Fresh Meat 3 None $0
immaxyman Fresh Meat 3, Opposite Worlds, Free Agents 2 None $0
InfinityRing Fresh Meat 3 None $0
Jared242 Fresh Meat 3 None $0
jc1993 Fresh Meat 3 None $0
mastropola Fresh Meat 3 None $0
MrOrange890 Fresh Meat 3, Opposite Worlds None $0
Survivorgame1 Fresh Meat 3 None $0
thatonepeople Fresh Meat 3 Fresh Meat 3 $100,000
violet7676 Fresh Meat 3 None $0
Younglinkmaster Fresh Meat 3 None $30,000
_JB_ Fresh Meat 3 None $0
Bold indicates the contestant was a finalist on this RSF Season.
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